Heterotopia Corporali, 2019, flame retardant cloth, disco lights, music, installation view, Freigänger, The Knast, Soeth7, Berlin

Heterotopia Corporali

For the exhibition „Freigänger”, I have developed an installation in the cell assigned to me. It will serve as a stage for my new performance Heterotopia Corporali. Throughout the exhibition, I will move and dance in the cell, explore the space, and react to the entering visitors. My intention in this performative work is to explore and experience the external space in connection to the coinciding perception of my inner space of feelings. How will my way of experiencing this space influence my psychological state? Which new insights will I and the visitors gain by this performative experiment? How will the narrow and connoted space influence my interactions with the visitors? This piece will circulate around these questions – and those arising during the process.

 Freigänger, 2019, The Knast, Berlin

Costume made from flame retardant cloth

In action

Installation view

Selfie during the performance