Ein Fragment aus dem Leben dreier Freunde, 2014, Live-in studio
Model 1: 10, 200 x 60 x 54 cm
(view through the window of the exhibition space Prinz-Georg, Berlin)

Ein Fragment aus dem Leben dreier Freunde

A Fragment from the Life of three Friends, is the first joint exhibition of my partner Peder K. Bugge and me.
The title of the exhibition was adapted from the short story by E.T.A. Hoffmann published in 1818. The story debates the difference between enthusiastic love and conventional marriage.
A model of our future studio apartment, which is located in the E.T.A. Hoffmann- Promenade, is our first joint artwork.
On the 12th of December at the opening the music will be provided by our friends LOVEBURGERS. They solely have Love Songs in their repertoire.

Our future home, Model 1: 10, MDF, straps, steel pipes, 200 x 60 x 54 cm

Torquato Tasso (our dog and third friend)
c-print, 85 x 120 cm

Originals and c-prints, art works from friends in our home
220 x 310 cm

Works by Peder K. Bugge (oil on canvas) and Dania Burger (ink on paper),
wrapped artwork

The Loveburgers in Concert

Installation view after the concert, screening of the of the concert on the IPad on the wall