My work used to start with my desire to belong.
Finding home, feeling connected,
only came when I realized that in disillusioning myself, I could find myself freed from illusion.
Disillusionment is healing.
Through my work I wish to visualize the act of looking closely.
Drawing the curtains open.

My topics derive from reflecting on my personal narratives in larger structural contexts.
In this way, my work is political.
By appropriating and recontextualizing historic, religious, national or patriarchal symbols I continuously look for destabilizing moments within their power.

I confront myself with questions which I am unable to answer, starting from a blank sheet that evolves into a result yet unknown to me.
I start drawing, in the confinement of my studio. Not necessarily with pen and paper – it can also be embroidery or loose thread. Starting with materials or objects found or gifted to me, these pieces can later evolve in scope and size: Taking up space in room-sensitive installations and performances, incorporating the audience.
Oftentimes, the projects will even grow further by collaborating with people from different crafts, thereby enabling a multidimensional experience.

My life nurtures my work and therefore is ever-evolving.