In the project DANIABUNAD, I combine my German, Norwegian and Persian identity by developing my own bunad – a type of hybrid-bunad. A bunad is a type of clothing that is loosely based on a traditional Norwegian folk costume. By the 1930s, Norwegians en masse, women in particular, began wearing costly bunads with regionally-based ornamentation on holidays and special occasions. Clothing is an important means for expressing identity – this has been the case throughout history and everywhere in the world. In the 20 years I’ve lived in Norway, I’ve observed and reflected over Norwegians’ national pride. The idea of creating my own bunad with my own ornamentation has developed over time. At the root of the project is my interest in ornamental forms and structures and their origin in textiles and other materials. In this context, my research mainly involves analysing ornaments as meaningful signs. This is an extensive study of subconscious symbols, myths and archetypes that are prominent elements in many cultures. The core of the project is to develop a cross-cultural ornamentation that I myself, and perhaps others, can identify with. Daniabunad is a collaboration with the artist and fashion designer Michiel Keuper.

Dania Burger, Translation from Norwegian to English: Arlyne Moi